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February 2024
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Colombia has achieved peace and is increasingly regarded as a good place to consider for living and investing.

With such a tumultuous history the question is, is this a good idea?

We speak to Park Wilson co-founder of Viva Tropical about his recent trip to Colombia where he traveled a month with his family.

When he left Panama his current home to visit Colombia, he was seriously considering moving there and now that he is back you can listen to what he thought and if he will indeed leave Panama for Colombia.

Park also discusses investment opportunities, his favorite spots, and the big question on most people's minds, is it safe?

Josh and Park also compare and contrast Colombia to other countries in the Latin Tropics.

Tune in and listen now

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Did you know you can use your 401k or IRA to invest in Tropical Real Estate?

Well, you can and not only that you can invest in several other assets classes besides real estate too.

This means you can get your money outside the volatile world of the stock market and make investments on your own terms.

You can even get your money outside the U.S. to take advantage of emerging markets and increased control and privacy over your hard earned money.

You will be able to find new opportunities and get in early before it is too late and big money rushes in to mess up the market.

On this episode we speak to Ross Powell, who spent 30 years in the banking industry only to find out the system was rigged against the little guy.

Ross decided to start his own company that helps people gain control of their retirement finances and invest in things that make sense.

His company shows people how use their 401k to invest tropical real estate, gold, farming, and pretty much any other hard asset.

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Josh just returned from a Nicaragua trip and he breaks down the investment and living potential for the northwest corner of the beautiful country. The area is called Chinandega and has mostly flown under the radar as a place to live for expats.

Josh discusses the area attractions, prices, building and why he loves it.

There is also an interview with Jannene Harker a New Zealander with the first planned development of the area. She discusses how she settled into the area and why she decided to create her own project.

Find out why this area is sure to boom and why you should consider it before it's too late and gets expensive. 

Tune in now.

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Ecuador has a ton of coastline, but much of it isn't good for beach living due to high cliffs and industrial activities. Park and I explored Ecuador from tip to tip and covered the entire coastline. What we found was there are several spots that could be perfect to live and you have to know what is happening locally to determine where is best. So today we are speaking with Greg Gilliam long time Ecuador expat about how to approach the Ecuador market and where you should focus your time when looking for your own paradise. Greg is a builder, hotel owner, and real estate entrepreneur, who has lots of experience and a straightforward approach you are sure to learn from on the show.

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On this episode we discuss Nicaragua and all its awesome potential. Barry Oliver real estate professional has over 10 years of experience in the country and it will make a difference if you are considering buying or investing there.

One of the safest countries in Central America, Nicaragua is often overlooked because of its turbulent history and lack of organization. Today's situation is much different and many have already discovered why this is one of the best options for living in Central America.

Tune in now and hear where the investment opportunities are located, how much it costs to build, how much beachfront property costs, and who buys in the biggest country in Central America.

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We talk to fellow travel lover Matthew Brumley and find out how he got started in the expedition business. Founder of Earthbound Expeditions, Matthew talks candidly about what has worked for him and how he comes up with creative ideas that provide unique travel experiences. He gives insight into why Costa Rica is one of his chosen destinations and how visiting Cuba is like Time Travel. If you ever thought about creating a travel based business or were just interested in traveling with small group of people this discussion will inspire you.

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Brian O'Dea comes back on to finish his story of what it was like to be a professional smuggler.  This time around we get to discuss some of the nitty gritty details about chance encounters, strategy, and the steps that led to smuggling and, then, selling $300,000,000 of marijuana.

Tune in now and hear what led to the biggest drug deal in U.S. history at the time it went down.  There is no doubt why his story is beign fast-tracked to a major motion picture and will probably be a big hit.


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Christopher Minster, Latin American History expert, discusses the Maya. The ancient culture that developed reading writing and a complex society in around Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras. He talks about their beliefs, their fascination with all things celestial and if they also sacrificed humans like the Aztecs. Christopher and Josh also talk about their favorite Mayan ruins why you should visit these sites today. Tune in and learn something new.

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3 new people, 3 new places. We talk to Mike Cobb, long time developer in Nicaragua about the real estate climate in the beautiful country. His project Gran Pacifica is located there and he also explains why the lifestyle is so attractive to expats.

Panama! Lucy Haines, founder of Panama Realtor the largest broker in Panama joins the show to give her unique perspective on where to look in Panama and why. 

And last but certainly not least, we head to one of the hottest real estate markets in Costa Rica, Nosara. Josh discusses why this place is so popular with local Jeff Grosshandler of First Choice Remax, Usually low prices drive the market, but this place isn't cheap, so we do the deep dive into the market to find out why it is what it is.

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Park joins the show to discuss his recent trip to Medellin, Colombia with his boys. Park examines the good and bad from the trip and compares his experience there to the rest of Central America. Not to be outdone, Josh recounts his recent trip to El Salvador and breaks down how the country fits into the scope of Central America real estate investment. The business partners also catch up on the recent elections in Panama and what has been happening on Boca Chica Island.

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The Central America Real Estate report is part of series that hops around Central America to hear on the ground intel, reports, and data you can use in your hunt for Real Estate. 

In this episode we interview 3 brokers from 3 different countries, starting in Costa Rica, then on to Roatan, Honduras, and finally Lake Atitlan Guatemala. 
Topics of discussion include what is happening in these real estate markets. Where are the opportunities? How much does it cost to build? We also try and develop some historical context to give you insight on what is happening now in terms of prices and momentum. Download to start learning how things work in each of these unique places. and if they are the right options for you.


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Park Wilson, professional real estate investor, founder of Viva Tropical, Emerging Terrains Investment and Island owner joins the show. You may not know him, but he is Josh’s business partner and today they talk about everything you need to know about investing in real estate that they have learned over the last 20 years. This is a can’t miss episode for anyone considering buying or investing in Central America. Subscribe to the mailing list and receive their free 55 page e-book on how to invest called Pay Dirt! on the show notes page

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