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November 2023
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Eric Youngren, Off-Grid Expert, returns to expand our knowledge and this time we focus on creating an off-grid escape. Last time Eric joined the show we discussed what you need to know before even thinking about living off the grid.

This time we discuss how to evaluate locations based on their ability to produce energy. We also talk about how each of the big three technologies, solar, wind, and hydro, could help you create your own off-grid retreat.

Some of the most incredible locations in Central America are off the grid, so what are you waiting for – listen to this and then go find your perfect getaway.

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Josh talks to Eduardo Carillo, Jaguar expert and professor at University of Costa Rica.

The Jaguars name comes from the Native American word meaning, “he who kills with one blow.”
Eduardo has been studying their behavior for over 25 years and shares his knowledge from the field. 

Tune in and listen as he shares what he has learned and how his career began with a chance encounter with a Jaguar on a beach. Also what is being done to protect this species from extinction and what you can do help. 

We think you will agree this cat is one of the most fascinating and elusive inhabitants of the rain forest.

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We talk to Phil Flanagan, world traveler and overland expert. Phil sourced and converted a european van to travel world for less than $18,000 USD. He then proceeded to drive across Europe, Asia, North America then South America for the ensuing 5-6 years. In this episode Phil teaches you how to do it too, where to find a car and his minimalistic approach to maximum travel experience. The travel legends were able to to travel this way for $50 a day, this includes food for both of them, maintenance, gas, everything else. Tune and hear their inspiring story.

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Surfing is a perplexing sport when it comes to training, on the one had if you are near the waves you can just surf. On the other hand how do you train for surfing waves on land? The sport is unique in that you ride something that is moving, but how do you replicate thosese conditions on land? What type of training can you do that will improve your skills in the water? Learn how when we are talk to Anthony Sasso creator of the program Fit2shred, he has created a program to that will help any surfer get stronger and better in the water.


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Esteban Pereira joins the show to discuss Biodynamic Farming. He explains what in the world Biodynamic farming means and how anyone can get started today. The practice originated from talks by Ruldolf Steiner who was also the creator of Waldorf Schools. Biodynamics was also the system that eventually lead to our current Organic Standards you will see it is an all encompassing system that is as incredible as it is diverse. If you ever think about growing your own food and living off the land then this show is a great one for you.

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Frank Ahearn, disappearing expert and "Digital Hitman" joins the show to talk about privacy and how to disappear in a digital world that tracks everything. 
A former Skip Tracer, his old job used to be to find people and now he uses that experience to keep things hidden. Tune and hear a fascinating perspective while learning to use the information to protect yourself. Also learn why you have a chance when you move overseas to create a buffer that gives you a chance to distance your self from your current internet habits.

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Everything you need to know about Panama residency, visas, and beyond. Ricardo Faraudo an attorney from the DENFAB firm joins todays show. He specializes in expat immigration and details all the options you have when moving to Panama. There is even one option that comes with a Panamanian passport, so find out what option is best for you or if you even need to apply for residency.

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Author Buddy Levy joins the show to discuss his book Conquistador: Hernan Cortes, King Montezuma, and the Last Stand of the Aztecs

We discuss the story of a driven conquistador and what lead to the defeat of an Aztec king. We are sure you will be entertained by the true story that ultimately became one of histories most intriguing meetings between two very different cultures. Listen to this can’t miss episode and learn what it felt like to be in Mexico 500 years ago.

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Author, Ayahuasca, and Plan Expert Jonathon Miller Weisberger joins us from his lodge located deep in the jungle of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. His book Rainforest Medicine is a classic study on the subject of plant medicine as used in indigenous cultures, specifically Ayahuasca and the Secoya people from the upper amazon. Find out how this plant has been being used since 2000 BC.

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Andrea Pignataro is todays guest, an attorney who specializes in residency for Costa Rica. Get the inside information straight from the source. We discuss everything you need to know about residency from the different options to costs involved, to if you even need residency at all. In this detailed discussion you will learn what is involved in the process and how to hire the right professional.

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A discussion with off-grid specialist Eric Youngren, one part adventurer and one part alternative energy expert Eric is perfect person to talk about off-grid technology for Viva Tropical readers and listeners. With extensive experience in remote and third world locations we set out to learn some practical advice from a qualified person. Eric can install systems anywhere in the world which makes him a potential candidate for any project you might have.

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In this episode Josh calls up his friend Rich Lipner, owner of Dos Jefes coffee farm in Boquete, Panama. Rich has been diligently producing his own coffee called Cafe De La Luna as well as giving coffee tours on his private farm. His knowledge is very high when it comes to the world of coffee, coffee growing, and how to make excellent tasting coffee.

Think of this show as your introduction to coffee growing as you hear from two passionate coffee drinkers who love coffee.

In this episode, we discuss:

Where is the best area on the globe to grow coffee.
Perfect French Press, The exact time to wait before you press.
What are the best ways to prepare coffee.
Where the most expensive coffee in the world is grown, up to $300 a pound.
Why you should ask where the beans come from at your local coffee shop.

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